Pick me up at the Border! 2017

Pick Me Up At The Border! 2017 is a 90-mile ride (This is NOT a race) that returns this year!!
Join riders for a jaunt down to the Illinois State Line…and back via the Badger State Trail. There is a prize at the end…but it could be a real DRAG!

The ride departs from the Capitol Square in Downtown Madison at 11:58pm on Friday, October 6th and heads down West Washington Avenue approximately 2/3rd of a mile until it meets the SW Commuter Path. At that point, riders turn right and proceed 6 miles to McKee Road, just past the bike roundabout. The City of Fitchburg Police Department will escort all riders, as a group, across McKee Road, where the path turns into the Badger State Trail in the City of Fitchburg! At this point, you are on your own (we do, however, strongly encourage using the buddy system). Proceed for approximately 20(ish) miles to the Stewart Tunnel, drink some more water and head south to the border…then return!!!
You DO NOT have to register for this event but there is a suggested donation of $15 cash only (we will have a hat to pass around for collections). 50% of these wonderful donations  are going to support the planning and construction of a project near the Old Fitchburg Depot along the Badger Trail between Adams Road and HWY “M”. These are matching funds so every dollar we raise will leverage that investment.
This IS NOW A SAG supported ride. Dream Bikes, a local Bike Shop and awesome 501c3 organization are teaming up with Bike Fitchburg this year!! Noah and the Dream Bikes van will be mobilized to assist riders along the trail and will be temporarily stationed at a few spots throughout the ride to offer a quick check on the bike, water refill, or, if you are just beat and cant go on, you can crawl in the van with your bike and get a ride back to the finish line. Ride Safe, Ride Bright!!! Please use caution!! This is a night time event and conditions may be encountered where reasonable speed and bike handling are needed. Due to some extremely nasty weather in July, soft spots do exist on the trail at two locations, but are very passable.  The first is near Basco, leading up to Henry Road–down to base gravel and a bit soft. The second is south of Monroe between Melvin Road and Town Center Road. Again, soft and a bit wishy washy.

Questions about the ride? Contact: Ride Leader – Thad Schumacher: Thad67@msn.com or Mattmonday@yahoo.com
A Wisconsin State Trail pass is the responsibility of the individual rider to obtain. There will be a Friends of Badger Trail representative available at the start of the ride at the Capitol Square with passes available for purchase. Trail passes are $5 for the day, or $25 annually. Every registered rider will get a glow stick to wear on their person or to clip onto their bike.
Why ride? Well, for one, it is FUN!!! But . . .
Again, money raised at this all-night ride event will be split 50-50 between the Friends of Badger Trail and Bike Fitchburg! This year most of the dollars donated will go towards continued advocacy and education as well as a NEW facility (as mentioned above) along the trail.
Trails, like the Badger State Trail, in the State of Wisconsin are funded solely by user fees. These user fees are very important for their maintenance and to make them available to all trail users, including cyclists—24 hours a day!!
We support the Badger State Trail, The Friends of Badger Trail, safe cycling initiatives, and stronger bicycle advocacy in the region.


2016 Pick Me Up At The Border Recap & Photos

Pick Me Up At The Border 2016 was a huge success. We had about 30 riders come out to ride to the Illinois state line. Everyone who started the ride at midnight was back home–and safe–by 8am on Saturday morning.

We had a pre-ride speech on safety from Fitchburg Mayor, Steve Arnold and a quick pep talk on how cool the ride will be if everyone plays nice and watches out for each other from Thad Schumacher, AKA The Cycling Pharmacist.

After arming ourselves with glow sticks, full water bottles, a bunch of empty carbs and insect repellent, we hit the trail. The ride was just gorgeous–no rain, no wind, but a little fog and a full moon kept it just a bit creepy!!

We are now amping up to do again in the Fall of 2017!! Start preparing for Pick Me Up @ The Border! 2017. This year’s ride starts, again, from the State Capitol on Friday, October 6th @ 11:58pm–two minutes to midnight! Stay tuned…